Why Bamboo?

If someone asked you about the eco-friendly fibre used for clothes you would probably answer – cotton. There's no denying that cotton fibre is soft and kind for skin because it is extracted from a real plant. However, not everyone knows that cotton is the most chemically stimulated plant in the industry. It is very expensive to grow cotton only on organic fertilisers. It has been calculated that to produce the amount of cotton required for one t-shirt only there has to be used more than 17 spoons of artificial fertilisers and 1 of pesticide. This is the main reason why this seemingly organic fibre may cause allergy or skin rash.

Is there any organic alternative to cotton?

By all means and the bamboo fibre is one of them. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant (1 meter per 24h), it is very rarely attacked by parasites. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be intensively fertilized. Moreover, bamboo doesn’t need special brand of soil, while process of extraction of fibre is fully safe for environment.

Bamboo fibre is soft, smooth and strong. It perfectly absorbs moisture and very easily makes it evaporate from its structure as it is very thin. It is very mellow just like silk, thin and odourless. Bamboo has natural antibacterial features – it eliminates about 70% of bacteria from its surface. What's more, it keeps this ability even after more than 50 washings. It also has great thermoregulatory abilities – during summer bamboo fibre is 2-3oC cooler than temperature of environment.

Because of its antibacterial and thermoregulatory abilities, bamboo fibre is perfect for socks, underwear, vests and t-shirts which you will find in our offer.