Our Story

The way that we see it, fashion is never "just fashion." Rather, fashion is a means to express yourself and to show the world exactly who you are. You always have choices when you are selecting your clothing and your accessories, and we believe that you should make those choices from the heart, striving to remain authentic to yourself and working hard to let your full personality shine. We get it! Fashion enthusiasts ourselves, we work tirelessly to offer our customers opportunities to look and feel great wearing everything that we have to offer. From ensembles to small accouterments, we pour our hearts into every item that we list in our catalog.

Natural Clothes is a brand that stands for quality above all else. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, accepting nothing but perfection in terms of both craftsmanship and materials. Keeping our designs simple and smart and our fabrics gentle and comfortable, we think about our clothing and accessories with the wearer – that's you! – in mind. How will this feel? How will this look? These are the questions that are central in our minds whenever we are at work designing or producing new products. Skin-friendly is a must for all our fabrics: you should want wear the clothes that you purchase from us.

In addition to softness, fit is also crucial to the way that we look at comfort and style. Unless our clothes and underwear are snug (though never too snug), they are insufficient for daily use. Working with bamboo and organic cotton, we face frequent challenges during production, but to us those challenges are all just part of the process, part of the effort that is inherent to guaranteeing high-quality items. You should always feel and look like a star when you are wearing Natural Clothes.

Working out at the gym, checking into a business meeting, or dining in with friends, you can do anything that you want to do and be anyone that you want to be when you are dressed for the part. Self-confidence and fearlessness can be yours if you wear the right clothing, and this is where we can help you. We have put together an extensive line that includes tops, t-shirts, vests, boxer trunks, socks, sunglasses, watches, and jewellery, so there is something for everyone here – and all made out of the world's finest and most lush bamboo, wood, and leather.

We handcraft all our products with love, and when you shop with us, you are the most important piece to the puzzle. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and if you ever have any questions or feedback for us, we want to hear them. We appreciate you choosing Natural Clothes, and we hope that you enjoy wearing our wares as much as we have enjoyed making them.