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Ethnic Bracelet Pink Bead

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Whether you want to add more style to your look or just want to diversify, our ethnic bracelet will make sure that you stand out and look fabulous without even trying. Each ethnic bracelet is made using a combination of leather and cotton along with silver rings to add a stylish finish to your look.

Each ethnic bracelet is carefully handmade by professionals which gives it a unique charm you just won’t find anywhere else. The bracelet is emblazoned with ethnic jewellery that not only looks fabulous but also adds more diversity to the colors to add a colorful flair to your look. The best part about ethnic accessories is that they go well with pretty much any kind of clothing.

Whether it’s a party at a friend’s place, a formal occasion, wedding, corporate event or even just day to day style, you can count on our ethnic bracelet to give your look the perfect finish. It’s adjustable from 15-26cm to provide just the right fit for both women and men so you can wear it comfortably all day.

Add more ethnic charm to your apparel to stand out and look good with Natural Clothes ethnic bracelet!


  • Handmade with leather and cotton
  • Emblazoned with ethnic jewellery
  • Adjustable 

Accessory Size
One size - 15-26cm

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